LTC Kitchen Product Catalogues

LTC Kitchen provides a one-stop solution from design, manufacturing, delivery and installation of kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinet and other appliances. To view our complete product catalogue, you download from the below


Product Material Information

Want to buy a cabinet or wardrobes that has a high quality material? in LTC Kitchen, we have a variety of quality material that suit your taste  .We also have a product with  difference quality  material in our catalogue  to suit your home. Let us do it for you

Melamine Abs Panel 

Melamine is an Organic Compound that is often combined with Formaldehyde to produce Melamine Resin-a synthetic polymer that is fire resistant & heat tolerant. The Resin is a versatile material that has a highly stable structure.It is suitable to be used for Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobes & other types of cabinets. It can be use for Floor Tiles, Kitchenware, Fire Retardant Fabrics and Commercial Filters. It is also Easily Molded, which makes it suitable for certain Industrial Applications & also for Home Furnishings

3G Glass Door Panel 

3G Glass Door is an Aluminium Framed Glass Door. Can also come with Attached Aluminium Handle, depends on the design of the door. There is many choices of colour that will make your kitchen looks Better & Nicer.

4G Acrylic

Acrylic is part of Latest Trend Design that often used for Kitchen Cabinets & Customized Cabinets. The Shining Effect from Acrylic, that makes it looks Classy & Trending High End products especially for Kitchen Cabinets & also other area of your home.

4G Crystallized Glass

Our 4G New Titanium Glass is a Newly Developped Series of 2.0mm Highly Technological Glass, which is 2-3 times Harder than Normal Glass. All 4G Titanium Glass is Purely Crystallized Glass. Our 4G Titanium Glass comes in 12 Designer Colour choices, that will  Truly Modernise & will make your kitchen looks Trendy with Satisfying High Class Designs

Quartz Stone Surface

Quartz Stone Surface are usually used for Counter Tops, Bathroom Vanities and Stairs, Wall Panelling and also Interior Furmitures. Our Quatrz Stone Products are manufactured from up to 93% Quartz(one of natures hardest minerals). Quartz also offers one of the Industry’s Widest Range of Colour & Structures. Many of our customers chose Quartz Stone because it meets the High Class Appearances of the Cabinets Tops.